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Module wsp_pdu

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WSP Data Unit structure encoding and decoding classes

Throughout the classes defined in this module, the following "primitive data type" terminology applies, as specified in [5], section 8.1.1:
   Data Type     Definition
   bit           1 bit of data
   octet         8 bits of opaque data
   uint8         8-bit unsigned integer
   uint16        16-bit unsigned integer
   uint32        32-bit unsigned integer
   uintvar       variable length unsigned integer

This Encoder and Decoder classes provided in this module firstly provides public methods for decoding and encoding each of these data primitives (where needed).

Next, they provide methods encapsulating the basic WSP Header encoding rules as defined in section of [5].

Finally, the classes defined here provide methods for decoding/parsing specific WSP header fields.

Author: Francois Aucamp <>

License: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2

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Static class containing the constant values defined in [5] for well-known content types, parameter names, etc.
The decoding operation failed; most probably due to an invalid byte in the sequence provided for decoding
The encoding operation failed; most probably due to an invalid value provided for encoding
A WSP Data unit decoder
A WSP Data unit decoder