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Package mms

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Python Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) library

The mms module provides several classes for the creation and manipulation of MMS messages (multimedia messages) used in mobile devices such as cellular telephones.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a messaging service for the mobile environment standardized by the WAP Forum and 3GPP. To the end-user MMS is very similar to the text-based Short Message Service (SMS): it provides automatic immediate delivery for user-created content from device to device.

In addition to text, however, MMS messages can contain multimedia content such as still images, audio clips and video clips, which are binded together into a "mini presentation" (or slideshow) that controls for example, the order in which images are to appear on the screen, how long they will be displayed, when an audio clip should be played, etc. Furthermore, MMS messages do not have the 160-character limit of SMS messages.

An MMS message is a multimedia presentation in one entity; it is not a text file with attachments.

This library enables the creation of MMS messages with full support for presentation layout, and multimedia data parts such as JPEG, GIF, AMR, MIDI, 3GP, etc. It also allows the decoding and unpacking of received MMS messages.

Version: 0.2

Author: Francois Aucamp <>

License: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1

Note: References used in the code and this document:

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Submodules [hide private]
  • mms.iterator: PyMMS library: Iterator with "value preview" capability.
  • mms.message: High-level MMS-message creation/manipulation classes
  • mms.mms_pdu: MMS Data Unit structure encoding and decoding classes
  • mms.wsp_pdu: WSP Data Unit structure encoding and decoding classes