What is this?

python-mms is a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) library for Python. It provides a "mms" package for Python, consisting of classes that facilitate the creation, manipulation and encoding/decoding of MMS messages used in mobile phones. It is designed to be easy to use, yet flexible.

The package also includes some examples of how the library can be used.


The full API for this module can be generated from the Python souce code, using Epydoc. Alternatively, an on-line version is available here. Also, please look at the example scripts included in the package.

What is MMS?

MMS is a messaging service for the mobile environment standardized by the WAP Forum and 3GPP. To the end-user MMS is very similar to the text-based Short Message Service (SMS): it provides automatic immediate delivery for user-created content from device to device.

In addition to text, however, MMS messages can contain multimedia content such as still images, audio clips and video clips, which are binded together into a "mini presentation" (or slideshow) that controls for example, the order in which images are to appear on the screen, how long they will be displayed, when an audio clip should be played, etc. Furthermore, MMS messages do not have the 160-character limit of SMS messages.

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Recent Updates

[23/07/2007] File release: 0.2
This release includes a script showing how an MMS message can be sent to an operator's MMSC using the MM1 interface (i.e. WSP post via a GSM modem attached to the computer)

Added on-line API documentation.

[13/07/2007] File release: 0.1
This is very much a testing release - expect the API to change (and of course, any comments/suggestions/patches are welcome).

Cleaned up the MMS decoder's API to be somewhat sane. Fixed the encoder. Added example scripts.

[18/06/2007] Project website created. Initial code available via svn.